3 Home Office Upgrades for Remote/ Hybrid Workers

June 3, 2023

In Shades

Windows and a desk in a home office

In the ever-evolving modern workplace, many employees find themselves splitting time between commuting and working from home, or even working fully remote. Have you taken the time to make your home office a place you look forward to spending time in? We’ve created this list of three areas to focus on when getting the most out of your home office space!

Choose New Window Treatments

Upgrading your window treatments is a fantastic way to add a boost of personality and functionality to your home office space. Depending on the location within the home, window treatments serve unique purposes. In terms of creating the ideal working space, we tend to recommend window treatments that let in plenty of natural light while keeping monitor glare to a minimum. Natural light can keep you engaged throughout the day, and it offers the perfect lighting for virtual meetings. To fit this unique purpose, you can’t go wrong with Silhouette® Window Shadings.

Silhouette Window Shadings are a shading specific to the Hunter Douglas lineup that feature a signature S-Vane™ design, allowing light to float through two opaque sheer panels without compromising privacy. Their unique design comes offers the perfect experience that teleworkers searching for the perfect window treatments are sure to enjoy.

Preserving Posture and Comfort

Aesthetics are an important characteristic of a comfortable home office space, but don’t forget to prioritize function highly as well. A functional desk is key, as is a high-quality desk chair that is the correct height and provides comfort. This way, you can avoid common struggles with back pain and hip pain associated with sitting for long periods. Is it time to upgrade your desk or chair? Check out this helpful article for guidance!

Accessorizing to Add Personality

Once you’ve outfitted your space to meet your functional needs and provide ambient/ task lighting, it’s time to truly make it your own by accessorizing! Make your home office a reflection of your personality by embellishing it with beautiful furniture, color, artwork and rugs. This way, you can feel happy to be in your home office and proud to show the room to others, whether you have guests or a big team meeting.

Upgrade Your Home Office with Beautiful Window Treatments from Exceptional Views

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