3 Window Treatment Ideas for the Bathroom

November 8, 2022

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We don’t spend a lot of time in our bathrooms compared to many other locations throughout the home, but there is a reason bathroom renovations are among the most popular renovations year after year. Comfortable, pleasant bathrooms allow us to make the most of our time in the bath or shower, and today we’d like to discuss how to bring your whole bathroom space together with the right window treatment solution.  


It goes without saying that privacy is important in the bathroom, so it’s crucial to choose a window treatment that offers maximum coverage. Roller shades are designed specifically to perfectly fit each window they are mounted to, meaning they can guarantee complete privacy once installed. Roller shades do block out a decent amount of light, however. If you’d like for your bathroom to be filled with natural light while still offering privacy, Silhouette® 

Window Shadings are one of our favorite treatments.  


Blinds are another great window treatment solution that provide sufficient privacy while still allowing for light adjustment. When shopping for blinds for the bathroom, we recommend having durability in mind. Your bathroom window treatment should be able to stand up to years of wear and tear from consistent moisture and steam. Because genuine wood often warps after prolonged exposure to moisture, one of our go-to treatments for bathrooms is Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds. These blinds offer the classic aesthetic of wooden blinds with long lasting durability to ensure you are getting your money’s worth out of your investment. If you would prefer a more modern appearance, aluminum blinds also hold up very well to consistent steam and moisture exposure.  


After selecting the ideal custom window treatment for your bathroom, adding motorization to the mix is the perfect way to wrap up the project. PowerView® Automation offers complete control of your window treatment solutions with just the touch of a button. Of course, your hands might not always be free to push buttons when in the bathroom, which is where Alexa and Google Home compatibility comes in. With just a simple voice command, you can dial in the ambient light just right and prepare for a shower or bath with both privacy and natural light.  

Bathroom Window Treatments Baltimore Maryland 

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