A Short Guide to Roman Shades

July 7, 2023

In Shades, Window Treatments

When you’re customizing your home to be a perfect reflection of your taste, there are countless window treatment options that you can choose from. One of the most elegant and versatile types of window coverings is Roman shades. How are they different, and could they be a good choice for your house?  

What Are Roman Shades?  

Roman shades, which are sometimes referred to as Roman blinds, are a beautiful combination of the softness and look of drapes with the function of traditional blinds. By customizing the color or texture, Roman shades can be adapted for a wide variety of homes or interior design preferences. At Exceptional Views, we offer multiple types of Roman blinds, including: 

How Are Roman Shades Operated? 

Roman shades are made of fabric panels that are anchored into a headrail attached to your window or the wall above the window. Depending on what style you choose, you might pull a cord or click a button to put the blinds up or down. As the shades are pulled up, the fabric will neatly fold on top of itself for an aesthetically-pleasing result. As you put the shades down, the same fabric will unfold into a single, smooth, flat panel.  

When Are Roman Shades a Great Option?  

Some of the reasons why homeowners choose Roman shades over other options include: 

  • Roman shades can be more practical than drapes if you have young children or pets and are concerned about them getting stuck in traditional blinds. Additionally, because they are off the ground, you don’t need to worry about tripping or your little ones getting wrapped up.  
  • Because Roman shades do not sweep the floor like normal drapes, they are a good choice for small rooms and homes where too much drapery could be overwhelming.  
  • If you have radiators or use the area underneath your windowsill for furniture or seating, having traditional curtains may be impractical. In these cases, Roman shades are a great choice.  
  • Homeowners who want a unique look that is endlessly customizable also enjoy Roman shades.  

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