Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Window Treatments

June 5, 2023

In Window Treatments

Investing in new window treatments invites beauty and functionality into the home. Like everything else in the home, an occasional touch-up will be needed to keep your window treatments looking as stunning as they did on the day of installation. That doesn’t mean you should grab the nearest cleaning supplies from the cabinet and start scrubbing, however. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when cleaning your window treatments to ensure a squeaky-clean result and protect your investment.

Mistake 1: Not Following Manufacturer Recommendations for Cleaning

Hunter Douglas window treatments are built to last, but they can still be damaged if they are not properly cared for. Luckily, they have made it easy to avoid any accidental damage by providing a comprehensive Care and Cleaning Guide. Here you will find cleaning recommendations specific to your window treatment models to offer peace of mind along with the stunning results you’re looking for.

Mistake 2: Choosing Harsh Chemicals

Stronger cleaning chemicals may have their place in the house, but that place isn’t anywhere near your window treatments. Logic may suggest that a stronger cleaner will lead to a better result, but most of the time they are met with discoloration and staining instead. As such, we recommend staying away from abrasive cleaners and chemical solvents.

Mistake 3: Waiting to Address New Spots

Generally, your window treatment maintenance will include occasional light vacuuming or dusting. However, we advise acting quickly if something is actively spilled onto a fabric window treatment. Give yourself the greatest chance of removing the stain by being proactive and absorbing the liquid with a damp cloth before it has a chance to set into the fibers.

Mistake 4: Using a Steamer Incorrectly After Cleaning Your Window Treatments

If wrinkle removal is part of your upcoming cleaning regimen, you may find yourself considering the use of a steamer. This is a valid choice for most Hunter Douglas products, but be sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Making direct contact with the steamer head and fabric.
  • Using a heavy-duty steamer. 

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