Better Together: 3 Layering Ideas for Your Next Window Treatment Upgrade

October 31, 2022

In Window Treatments

When we think about the purpose of any window treatment, a few primary goals come to mind. Specifically, our window treatments should create privacy, add an extra layer of insulation, protect the interior of our homes from UV damage, and of course, add a sense of style to our homes. There’s no question that many individual window treatments can achieve these goals on their own, but creative layering guarantees the best possible results. With that in mind, let’s cover a few of our favorite layering ideas for your next window treatment upgrade!

Give Your Home Maximum Light Control

Depending on your location, light pollution can make it much more difficult to fall asleep at night. Simultaneously, you will likely find yourself wanting to maximize natural light in your space during the daytime. For maximum light control, opt for a layered window treatment! Specifically, we recommend considering a blinds solution that provides incoming light and privacy adjustment. From there, you can essentially choose any color or pattern of high-quality drapery that matches the rest of the room.

Give Your Home Maximum Insulation

This next recommendation is for those concerned with the heat of the summer or the bitter winter cold, along with those who live in more drafty homes. Duette Honeycomb shades are crafted from two layers of fabric, marrying the clean lines of a classic roller with a cellular design. This undetectable cellular layer makes them a top window treatment choice for energy efficiency. Pair them with heavy fabric drapery for maximum privacy and year-round comfort!

Give Your Home Maximum Style

Our first two recommendations offer practical advantages, and this final section is all about adding a sense of elegance without compromising convenience. For a timeless look that is sure to add value to your home, consider selecting from our variety of shutter choices and bolstering them with drapery of your choosing. If you prefer the welcoming, cozy feeling of multiple soft window treatments, paring roman shades with drapery is a fantastic alternative.

Plan Your Next Window Treatment Upgrade with Exceptional Views

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