Can Window Treatments Like Blinds Really Reduce Your Energy Bill this Winter?

December 25, 2022

In Window Treatments

At certain times of the year, especially during winter, it is not uncommon for homeowners to experience a spike in their energy bills. Windows are often the cause as they allow heat to escape when it gets cold out. According to, 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost due to windows.

You’ve probably heard that placing coverings on windows can help lower your energy bills. But do window treatments like blinds, shades and shutters really help? Or is it just a myth?

Installing window treatments like blinds is a great way to enjoy the beauty of natural light in your home (with added privacy). However, it’s true that it can also decrease your energy bills. If you want to save costs this winter, choosing the right window treatments is critical.

The Best Option – Cellular Shades

Cellular shade coverings achieve higher energy savings than all other options. That’s because they’re designed with pleated fabric that is folded to create honeycomb-like cells. The cells are particularly effective at blocking air between the window and the shade. Cellular shades provide all the same advantages as standard shades and blinds. In addition, however, they also limit cold drafts from windows and heat loss at night.

In a study by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, cellular shades saved up to 20% of heating energy and 15% of total heating and cooling energy. If tightly installed, they can reduce heat loss by 40% or more (which amounts to about 10% of energy savings during winter).

Other Effective Options – Blinds, Curtains and Drapes

Hanging drapes and curtains is one common way to gain energy savings. Their effectiveness can depend on the type of fabric and color you choose. Ultimately, most standard drapes can decrease heat loss by about 10%. Homeowners should close drapes and curtains at night and hang them close to the windows for maximum results. Ensuring that they fall to the floor (or to a ledge) also helps to seal the windows and prevent heat loss.

When lowered completely, reflective blinds can limit heat gain. However, while they can trap solar radiation, proper insulation is lacking. Therefore, window treatments like blinds can be effective, but they tend to be more useful during the summer months. This option is ideal for reducing glare and heat gain.

Affordable, But Less Effective – Roller and Roman Shades

In terms of room darkening or privacy, roman shades and roller shades are excellent options that provide a beautiful, contemporary look. They also tend to be more affordable and user-friendly compared to other window treatments. When it comes to insulation and energy savings, however, they don’t provide much insulation. If lowering your energy bill is your main objective, you may want to pair these shades with another window treatment.

Other Benefits of Window Treatments

Window treatments come with a host of other benefits in addition to energy savings, including:

    • Limiting glare during the day

    • Eliminating cold drafts in your home

    • Enhanced security and privacy

    • Regulating temperature throughout your home

Lower Your Energy Bill with Beautiful Window Treatments like Cellular Shades, Blinds, Curtains, Drapes and Shades

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