Cozy Up with Blackout Shades in the Bedroom

December 27, 2022

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Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy, especially when you can’t pinpoint the cause. Is using technology at night the issue? Is it stress? Unfortunately, street lights and house lights outside could be part of the problem. According to The New World Atlas of Artificial Night Sky Brightness, 99% of Americans sleep under light-polluted skies. Light exposure at night has been linked to a higher risk for diabetes, and hypertension among other health issues. Blackout shades in the bedroom can keep your space dark for a deeper REM sleep. Additionally, they give bedrooms a modern, minimalist appearance. However, blackout shades also come with a host of other advantages.

What are the Benefits of Blackout Shades in the Bedroom?

Sleeping in a dark, quiet room without screens and devices is one of the best things you can do for your health. Blackout shades in the bedroom are also beneficial for the following reasons:

  • They block light at all hours of the day. Blackout shades are highly useful at night, but they can also be used during the daytime. Homeowners use them to watch movies without glare, keep artwork from fading, and enjoy added privacy around the clock. If you need to put a baby down for a nap, blackout shades in the bedroom can be a lifesaver! · They can lower your energy costs. Tightly installed shades can reduce heat loss by 40%, which is about 10% in energy savings during winter. They can also limit unwanted heat by 60%. Therefore, blackout shades are excellent for insulating your home and helping you save money.
  • They help block out unwanted sounds. Not many people realize it, but blackout shades in the bedroom can also limit noise pollution. They won’t eliminate noise completely, but the added layer of protection can make a significant difference. If your neighbors like to throw parties or let their dogs howl at all hours of the night, blackout shades are a fantastic choice.

What Type of Blackout Shades Should You Buy?

At Exceptional Views, we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art darkening shades. The Duette® Lightlock™ system includes U-shaped side channels, which feature a black, ridged surface that captures light from all angles. Their secure fit ensures nearly absolute darkness for privacy, a good night’s sleep, and cozying up in the bedroom.

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