Find the Perfect Shutters with This Guide

May 23, 2023

In Shutters, Window Treatments

A good set of shutters can enhance the appearance of your home, increase your home’s value, and provide you with some much-needed security. A step up from traditional shades, shutters are highly durable, and they evoke a timeless atmosphere. However, how can you decide what style is best for your home? We suggest keeping the following things in mind before making a decision.  


Find the Perfect Shutters

Choosing the Right Materials 

Materials are the first thing you should consider when searching for the perfect set of shutters. Your shutters are an important investment, so choosing a quality material is crucial. Here are a few options we typically recommend at Exceptional Views: 

  • Hardwood shutters commonly include a range of materials such as oak, basswood, teak, oak, and poplar. Our Heritance® Hardwood Shutters are 100% natural hardwood containing only basswood and poplar. Basswood, which is sourced from lime trees, is widespread and durable. This makes it both an affordable and high-quality choice. Poplar is another industry standard that’s similar to basswood. 
  • Polysatin™ shutters feature a satin weave fabric with a soft feel and excellent shape retention. This means they’re naturally resistant to cracking, warping, fading, chipping and peeling. Polysatin™ shutters are also water resistant and especially dependable due to their interior aluminum bracing.   
  • Shutters made from composite material are ideal if you’re looking for something unique and extremely resilient. Some homeowners love the appearance of wood, but they want to ensure their shutters will last as long as possible. Hybrid offerings like our NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters combine the elegant look of wood with a modern polypropylene coating for enhanced strength.  

Climate and Lifestyle Considerations 

The next step is to consider your humble abode’s specific needs. Polysatin™ shutters are well-suited to hot, humid climates due to their added protection from sunlight and moisture. If you live near the ocean, for instance, you’ll need supplementary features like these. It is possible your shutters will suffer damage over time otherwise.  

For other climates, wood and wood composite materials are an efficient means of temperature control. Any layer between your windows and your home’s interior is helpful in this regard. All shutters, however, are effective because their materials tend to be more robust. 

We also suggest that you picture how your shutters will fit into your lifestyle. Do you have children and pets? A highly durable option like our NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters will ensure that your investment lasts for many years. If craftsmanship and appearance are your top concerns, however, you’ll love traditional hardwood shutters. 

Color, Consistency and Other Features 

Lastly, you should think about style, color and placement. What color would go well with your space? Do you only want shutters in a certain area, such as a dining room, office or sunroom? Would you prefer a look that’s more consistent and uniform throughout your home? If you’re still undecided, that’s perfectly fine. You can choose to consult with a group of experts who will point you in the right direction.  

You may also want to consider additional high-tech features like automation. Our Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ shutters are the only option on the market that provides manual and automated operation.  

Partner with Exceptional Views to Choose Beautiful Shutters for Your Home 

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