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Welcome to Exceptional Views, where your Clarksville home transforms into a visual retreat through custom window coverings that eloquently express individuality and style. At the heart of our service stands Cheryl Millhausen, owner and connoisseur of design, who dedicates herself to crafting spaces that not only reflect your personal taste but also enhance your daily living experience. Imagine your windows framed with the perfect combination of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery, each selection tailored to your liking under the guidance of Cheryl's expert eye for color and design.

We take pride in exclusively using Hunter Douglas Products, ensuring that every choice you make is accompanied by unbeatable quality and innovation. With Exceptional Views, you’re not just elevating your space; you're embarking on a collaborative journey with Cheryl to realize the environment you've dreamed of—effortlessly blending function, fashion, and the finest craftsmanship available. Let us guide you through the limitless possibilities and watch as your windows come alive, telling their own unique story.

custom window treatments Clarksville Maryland

Enhance your home with the elegance and functionality of custom window treatments from Exceptional Views. Our services are meticulously designed to meet your every need, from improved energy efficiency to aesthetic delight. Dive into a world where each window becomes a canvas for your personal style.

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    Custom Window Blinds Clarksville Maryland: Elevate your interiors with our diverse range of blinds crafted to reflect your taste and lifestyle. You have the luxury to select from an array of materials including wood, metal, and vertical blinds. Our offerings such as Everwood® alternative wood blinds, Parkland® wood blinds, and aluminum blinds are not only visually stunning but also stand as stalwarts of durability. Seeking to transform larger spaces? Our Skyline® gliding window panels and Cadence® soft vertical blinds are the perfect match for grand windows, offering smooth operation and a sleek appearance. If privacy is paramount, our Luminette® Privacy Sheers blend the soft elegance of drapery with the privacy control of blinds.
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    Custom Window Shades Clarksville MD: Discover the perfect shades that harmonize with the rhythm of your life. From the classic appeal of Roman shades to the contemporary ease of roller shades, our selection envelopes your space in beauty while providing practical benefits. Consider the innovative design of cellular shades for energy efficiency or bask in the artisanal charm of woven wood shades. Our diverse offerings ensure that your living environment resonates with energy efficiency, light control, and superior comfort.
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    Custom Window Shutters Clarksville Maryland: Adorn your windows with plantation shutters that exude timeless elegance. Choose from the enduring allure of Newstyle® Hybrid Shutters, the resilience of Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters, or the warmth of Heritance® Hardwood Shutters. These shutters are custom-crafted to fit various window shapes, including sliding-glass doors, ensuring a seamless integration with your home's architecture.
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    Custom Window Drapery Clarksville MD: Indulge in the luxury of custom drapery tailored to your personal haven. With an extensive selection of fabrics, our drapery options offer a spectacular palette to complement or reinvent your room's decor. Experience the transformative power of Side Panels and Drapery, Silhouette® Window Shadings, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades, Pirouette® Window Shadings, Luminette® Privacy Sheers, and more, each providing a unique atmosphere of warmth and refinement.

At Exceptional Views, we are champions of the notion that window coverings are not mere backdrops but rather integral elements of your living space that offer practical solutions while sparking joy and beauty. By involving you in the creative process, we ensure that your vision materializes with precision and panache. Imagine your windows anew—light filtering in harmony with your desires, privacy granted with a whisper of luxury, and energy efficiency achieved with stylish innovation.

Rooms and spaces

custom window Covers Clarksville Maryland

Discover the transformative power of custom window coverings within every room of your Clarksville abode. At Exceptional Views, our meticulously crafted blinds, shades, and drapes are more than mere decorations—they are pivotal elements that reinvent your space with both beauty and functionality.

Window Treatments For Living Rooms in Clarksville MD

In your living room, where family and friends gather to share moments, let our window treatments set the stage. They can infuse a sense of sophistication or create a calming backdrop for life's cherished conversations and laughter. Witness how elegantly designed sheers diffuse natural sunlight, creating a warm, inviting ambiance, while our personalized draperies frame your panoramic views to the outside world.

Window Coverings For Kitchens Clarksville Maryland

Envision your kitchen, the heart of your home, where practicality and style are paramount. Our coverings cater to this bustling hub with moisture-resistant materials and easy-to-clean surfaces. Imagine a space that captures the morning's freshness or the twilight's glow, enhancing your daily rituals from the first sip of coffee to the final dish drying on the rack.

Window Covers For Bathrooms Clarksville MD

Your bathroom is your private sanctuary, a place where privacy meets tranquility. Here, we offer solutions like top-down, and bottom-up shades that allow light to enter while providing the seclusion you desire. Picture a retreat that balances natural illumination with the discretion needed in such an intimate setting.

Window Treatments For Dining Rooms in Clarksville Maryland

As you consider your dining room—the setting for your most memorable feasts—envision how our window treatments can complement your decor to inspire appetites and conversation. Whether it's an elegant dinner party or a cozy family meal, the right choice in window fashion can add a layer of sophistication or a touch of warmth to every gathering.

Home Window Coverings For Bedrooms Clarksville MD

In your bedroom, let comfort and serenity take precedence with our bespoke coverings. Room-darkening shades envelop you in peace for a restful night, while sumptuous textures and patterns contribute to a serene personal haven that reflects your unique taste.

Custom Fabric Window Coverings For Family Rooms in Clarksville Maryland

Lastly, we address your family room, where flexibility and durability matter. Durable materials stand up to the lively activities of a well-loved space, and motorization options bring convenience to your fingertips. Imagine a room that adapts to movie nights and casual get-togethers with grace and ease.

Types OF Window Coverings

Browse window treatment custom uses Clarksville Maryland

Embark on the journey to enhance your living spaces with Exceptional Views, where discovering the perfect window coverings for your Clarksville home becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. You're invited to explore the vast array of window fashions that not only cater to aesthetic desires but also address your functional needs.


Motorization Options: Like never before, convenience graces your home with motorized window treatments. At the touch of a button, you control light and privacy, integrating cutting-edge technology for the epitome of comfort and sophistication. Whether you're looking to automate a single room or synchronize the ambiance of your entire residence, motorized blinds and shades bring you a world where innovation meets ease.

Energy Efficiency: The power to reduce your energy footprint rests with our thoughtfully designed window coverings. From insulating properties of cellular shades that trap air and regulate indoor temperatures to the robust textures of heavy draperies that keep winter's chill and summer's heat at bay, you're choosing an eco-conscious lifestyle without sacrificing style.

Light Enhancement & Room Darkening: You command the light, crafting atmospheres that range from brilliantly illuminated studies to cinema-like media rooms with our versatile selection. Enhance natural light with sheer fabrics that filter and diffuse, or embrace complete serenity with room-darkening options that invite tranquility into your sanctuary.

Child Safety: With a focus on providing a secure environment for your family, our window treatments are designed to ensure there are no compromises on safety. Cordless alternatives and sturdy mechanisms align with the highest safety standards, offering you peace of mind alongside impeccable design.

Door Coverings: Dress your doors in elegance with tailored solutions that never overlook functionality. Whether it’s patio sliders needing a touch of finesse or French doors seeking privacy, we have selections that harmonize with your home's flow and décor, transforming any entryway into an inviting passage.

Sound Absorption: Embrace the quietude, as our wide range of draperies and soft window treatments offer substantial sound absorption properties. They act as a gentle buffer against the external noise, allowing you to create an environment filled with serenity, perfect for undisturbed rest.

As your partner in window fashion excellence, Exceptional Views commits to guiding you through each choice, ensuring that your selections not only elevate your space but resonate with your lifestyle. 

EMbrace the transformative power of custom window coverings

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As you envision the transformation of your Clarksville home, Exceptional Views stands ready to turn that vision into a stunning reality. Our commitment to you is embodied in our comprehensive suite of services, ensuring that every step of your window-covering journey is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Your free in-home design consultation awaits, where our world-class expertise meets your personal style right in the comfort of your space. With us, you have an affiliate in your quest for the perfect ambiance—where measuring precision, superior installation service and aesthetic excellence converge to redefine the character and warmth of your home.

We invite you to take the first step towards a bespoke elegance that reflects who you are. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Exceptional Views today, and together, let us sketch the outlines of a more beautiful, functional, and inspired living experience that continues to resonate through every aspect of your Clarksville home.