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Welcome to Exceptional Views, where the art of crafting the perfect ambiance within your home is our foremost passion. Led by the expertise of Cheryl Millhausen, the owner and connoisseur of design, we are committed to transforming your living spaces into picturesque havens that reflect your personal elegance and style. At Exceptional Views, we take pride in being purveyors of exceptional window coverings in Cockeysville, specializing in a suite of services that stand out for their quality and sophistication.

Envision your windows draped with the finest blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies—all meticulously chosen and tailored to showcase your unique taste. With each stroke of creativity, Cheryl infuses life into these products, ensuring they not only serve their purpose but also tell a story of who you are. Our exclusive partnership with Hunter Douglas Products allows us to offer you unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation in window treatments, which blends seamlessly into the palette of your home's aesthetics.

Whether you are seeking a modern allure or a classic touch, Exceptional Views is here to collaborate with you, bringing forth solutions that resonate with your vision. Join us as we embark on this journey of elevating your home's character, one window at a time.

custom window treatments Cockeysville Maryland

At Exceptional Views, we are currently crafting custom window coverings that bring your Cockeysville home's design narrative to life. With our extensive range of services, we ensure that each window becomes a statement piece that echoes your personal style and functional needs.

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    Custom Window Blinds Cockeysville Maryland: Our blinds collection is an exploration of texture, color, and design. From the rich warmth of wood to the sleek finish of metal and the versatility of vertical blinds, our offerings include an array of choices such as Everwood® alternative wood blinds, Parkland® wood blinds, and Luminette® privacy sheers. Each blind is measured and crafted to perfection, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your windows, providing both privacy and control over light.
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    Custom Window Shades Cockeysville MD: Imagine shades that not only control brightness but also contribute to the room's ambiance with their aesthetic appeal. Our shades service includes a beautiful spectrum from cellular honeycomb shades for energy efficiency to Roman shades that add a luxurious touch. Our offerings, such as Skyline® gliding window panels and designer roller and solar shades, cater to every taste, harnessing light to set the perfect mood in your space.
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    Custom Window Shutters Cockeysville Maryland: The timeless elegance of shutters can elevate any setting. At Exceptional Views, we specialize in customizing shutters to fit a variety of window shapes and sizes, including the classic plantation shutter style. With options like Newstyle® Hybrid Shutters, Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters, and Heritance® Hardwood Shutters, you can be assured of a sophisticated and durable solution that provides insulation and privacy while enhancing your home’s appeal.
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    Custom Window Drapery Cockeysville MD: Our drapery services turn fabrics into expressions of your unique aesthetic. With a selection ranging from sheer elegance to opulent drapes, we tailor every piece to complement your room's theme. Whether it's side panels that frame your view or full-length drapery that creates a dramatic backdrop, Exceptional Views ensures that each fold and drape adds a layer of luxury and texture to your living space.

Join us in this delightful journey of transforming your windows into works of art. Exceptional Views is continuously collaborating, designing, and installing creations that speak directly to you and your sense of home comfort. Are you ready to reimagine your windows? Let's craft a vista that truly represents your exceptional view.

Rooms and spaces

custom window Covers Cockeysville Maryland

Welcome to a world where your rooms are not just spaces but canvases awaiting the touch of artistry through the bespoke window treatments by Exceptional Views. As you step through each area of your home, envision the transformative power of our custom coverings, enhancing the atmosphere and mirroring your lifestyle.

Window Treatments For Living Rooms in Cockeysville MD

Delight in the elegance that our custom blinds and shades bring to your living room. Here, they are not just accessories; they become centerpieces that command attention. Imagine the soft glow of sunlight filtering through sheer shades during the day, and the serene privacy offered by rich draperies as night falls. The living room becomes a stage for life's moments, and our window coverings heighten each performance.

Window Coverings For Kitchens Cockeysville Maryland

In the heart of your home, function meets finesse with window solutions that withstand the daily bustle. Our durable materials stand the test of time, ensuring that splashes and steam do not dampen their beauty. Whether it is café-style shutters that allow for natural light while you sip your morning coffee or faux wood blinds that resist moisture, the kitchen transforms into a blend of practicality and style.

Window Covers For Bathrooms Cockeysville MD

Privacy and relaxation become synonymous with our window coverings in your bathrooms. Top-down bottom-up shades offer control over light and exposure, melding seamlessly with the tranquility of this intimate space. The calm and collected atmosphere allows for a retreat where you unwind in peace, surrounded by delicate textures that foster a spa-like experience.

Window Treatments For Dining Rooms in Cockeysville Maryland

Where families gather and guests mingle, our window treatments set the ambiance for memorable dining experiences. From opulent drapery framing grand windows to subtle shades that complement the decor, the dining room becomes a place of communal joy, beautifully accented by our custom selections that echo the essence of shared meals and conversations.

Home Window Coverings For Bedrooms Cockeysville MD

Sanctuary and serenity converge with our window coverings that promise restful nights and rejuvenating mornings. Blackout drapes enfold the room in soothing darkness while light-filtering sheers invite a gentle start to the day. The bedroom transforms into a haven of comfort where each detail underscores your haven.

Custom Fabric Window Coverings For Family Rooms in Cockeysville Maryland

Gatherings find their backdrop in the warmth and welcoming appeal of our tailor-made window treatments in family rooms. Robust shutters and lively patterns on draperies reflect the dynamism of family life, offering a setting that adapts to play, relaxation, and everything in between. The family room becomes an extension of your collective spirit, enveloped in designs that elevate every interaction.

At Exceptional Views, we collaborate with you to select and tailor window coverings that resonate with your home's unique narrative. We are dedicated to not only adorning your windows but to transforming your living spaces into embodiments of your dreams. Your home is your story—let us help illustrate it with window coverings that speak volumes.

Types OF Window Coverings

Browse window treatment custom uses Cockeysville Maryland

Your home is a reflection of your unique style and the needs of your daily life. At Exceptional Views, we understand that each window presents an opportunity to enhance your living experience in distinct and meaningful ways. Let us guide you through the varied options that not only beautify your spaces but also rise to meet your specific requirements:


  • Motorization Options: Imagine adjusting your window coverings with the mere touch of a button, bringing about a blend of convenience and modernity into your life. Motorized blinds and shades offer you the power to control light and privacy effortlessly, fitting perfectly into your smart home ecosystem.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your comfort throughout the seasons should not come at the expense of your energy bills. Energy-efficient window treatments, like cellular honeycomb shades, act as insulators, maintaining your home's temperature, reducing energy consumption, and helping you save on costs while keeping you comfortably cocooned in your ideal environment.
  • Light Enhancement: Enliven your rooms by choosing window coverings that maximize natural light. Sheer curtains and light-filtering shades invite a soft, diffused glow that brightens your space while reducing glare, ensuring that every corner of your room is bathed in a gentle luminescence.
  • Room Darkening: Retreat into tranquility with room-darkening solutions that promise you uninterrupted rest. Blackout shades and heavy draperies craft a peaceful haven, ideal for bedrooms and media rooms, ensuring that external light does not intrude upon your space of relaxation.
  • Child Safety: Protect your little ones with child-safe window coverings. Cordless options and motorized treatments eliminate the need for dangling cords, providing you with peace of mind and creating a safer environment for children to play and explore.
  • Door Coverings: Doors require a special touch when it comes to window treatments. Sleek and functional options like vertical blinds or sliding panels complement the unique movement of doors, offering practicality without compromising on style, and ensuring easy access combined with aesthetic appeal.
  • Sound Absorption: Soft fabric window treatments are more than just visual delights; they act as a buffer against outside noise. With the right draperies and lined materials, you invite serenity into your space, dampening sound and crafting a tranquil atmosphere where you can relax or concentrate without distraction.

At Exceptional Views, we are dedicated to providing you with solutions that are as dynamic and multi-faceted as your life. Our collaborative approach ensures that we understand your needs and help select the window coverings that will serve you best. Join us in transforming your house into a home where every window tells a story of beauty, practicality, and personal touch.

EMbrace the transformative power of custom window coverings

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Exceptional Views is not just a provider of window coverings; we are custodians of your utmost comfort and style, making every corner of your home an embodiment of beauty and practicality.

With our expansive range of custom window coverings, hand-selected by our seasoned expert Cheryl, you are investing in more than mere shades and drapes. You engage in an immersive process where your vision takes center stage, reflecting your unique preferences and personal flair. It's here where ongoing innovation meets timeless design, ensuring your window treatments stand as testaments to your individuality.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the initial selection of materials. We are proud to offer complimentary in-home design consultations, precise measuring services, and professional installation, guaranteeing that from the moment you envision your new space to the final reveal, every step embodies perfection.

Whether it's majestically transforming your living room with energy-efficient motorized draperies, enhancing your bedroom's comfort with room-darkening blinds, or elevating your kitchen's ambiance with light-filtering shades, every choice you make with Exceptional Views is a stride towards transcending ordinary living spaces into extraordinary havens.

We warmly invite you to schedule your free home consultation today. Allow us to bring our showroom to your doorstep, presenting a curated selection tailored just for you. From Baltimore to Bethesda, Columbia to Clarksville, we're ready to infuse every pane with purpose and every room with personality.

Together, let's unveil the potential of each window and celebrate the transformation of your home.