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At Exceptional Views of Ellicott City, we take pride in transforming your house into a home with our exquisite range of custom window coverings. With the expertise of Cheryl Millhausen, our founder, we present a service that does more than simply dress your windows; we craft stunning environments that elevate your living space to a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Embracing the timeless quality and innovation of Hunter Douglas products, Cheryl and her team are dedicated to bringing your unique vision to life. Our comprehensive suite of offerings includes sophisticated blinds, luxurious shades, elegant shutters, and bespoke drapery, each designed to reflect your taste and enhance your home's aesthetic.

Cheryl's deep-rooted passion and professionalism shine through every consultation, with a commitment to ensuring that the beauty of your interior is matched only by the functionality and craftsmanship of your window treatments. Let us collaborate to create a backdrop that not only complements your décor but also resonates with your spirit, promising an ambiance where your individuality takes center stage.
Discover the difference at Exceptional Views—where your windows are just the beginning of a truly transformative home experience.

custom window treatments Ellicott City Maryland

Exceptional Views is your Ellicott City partner in transforming your home with bespoke window coverings that speak volumes in style and functionality. Our commitment to excellence shines through our curated range of blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery, each designed to integrate seamlessly into your living spaces. Let us guide you through the art of selecting the perfect dressings for your windows.

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    Custom Window Blinds Ellicott City Maryland: Unveil the elegance of our custom blinds collection, where you possess the power to control light and privacy at your whim. Crafted from premium wood, resilient faux wood, and sleek aluminum mini blinds, our offerings open up a world of possibilities with an expansive palette of colors, textures, and slat sizes. You set the tone for each room, from serene retreats to bustling workspaces, with these stylish, functional adornments.
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    Custom Window Shades Ellicott City MD: See the transformation as our shades and sheers capture and diffuse light to create an inviting atmosphere in your home. Explore our spectrum of Carole Fabric Roman Shades, the innovative Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades, and the textured charm of Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades. Your furniture and artwork remain shielded from harsh UV rays, while your spaces glow with warmth and vibrancy. With features like room darkening and top-down/bottom-up functionality, you tailor the ambiance to your preference every day.
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    Custom Window Shutters Ellicott City Maryland: Envision your windows adorned with plantation shutters from our exclusive Newstyle® Hybrid Shutters, Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters, or Heritance® Hardwood Shutters collections. Crafted for durability with materials that stand the test of time, these shutters elevate the aesthetics with rich colors, paints, and stains. From quaint window shapes to grand sliding-glass doors, you discover a bespoke fit that's as functional as it is graceful, ensuring lasting beauty in your cherished spaces.
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    Custom Window Drapery Ellicott City MD: Frame each window scene with our stunning drapery selections. Whether it's the sleek gliding panels or the lush curved vanes, you indulge in a dramatic backdrop that exudes sophistication. Options such as Silhouette® Window Shadings, Pirouette® Window Shadings, and Luminette® Privacy Sheers serve not just as elegant window treatments but also as canvases where light plays and dances to create a soft luminescence, offering both privacy and control.

At Exceptional Views, we do more than just sell window coverings; we forge an alliance with you to bring your vision to life. Our in-home consultations, professional measuring, and installation services define our dedication to providing you with a seamless experience. Together, we turn every opening into a viewpoint and every glance into a breathtaking perspective. 

Rooms and spaces

custom window Covers Ellicott City Maryland

When you think about enhancing your home in Ellicott City, consider how Exceptional Views can revolutionize each room with our custom window coverings. We believe that every space has its unique purpose and personality, and our offerings aim to elevate them with precision, beauty, and functionality.

Window Treatments For Living Rooms in Ellicott City MD

Your living room welcomes friends, families, and moments of relaxation. But are you making the most of this central space? With our custom window coverings, this area will embody a contemporary yet cozy atmosphere. You allow natural light to filter in softly, creating an inviting ambiance that still maintains your privacy. As you unwind or entertain, our window treatments work silently in the background to set the perfect scene.

Window Coverings For Kitchens Ellicott City Maryland

Kitchens are not just for cooking; they are the vibrant hubs where conversations bubble over steaming cups of coffee. Our window dressings transform these spaces by offering easy-to-clean materials that handle splashes and spills, all while letting the sunshine illuminate your culinary creations. You notice the difference as your kitchen becomes a brighter and more welcoming place for family and guests alike.

Window Covers For Bathrooms Ellicott City MD

In your bathroom, privacy and light control are paramount. As you step into your personal retreat, find that the room bathes in gentle illumination with our top-down, bottom-up shades, granting you complete control over your desired level of solitude and light. Experience tranquility as you prepare for the day in a space designed just for you.

Window Treatments For Dining Rooms in Ellicott City Maryland

Imagine your dining room, not just as a place to eat but as a stage for memorable gatherings and sumptuous meals. Our window coverings add a layer of sophisticated comfort, enhancing the aesthetic of your dining experience. As you dine, the soft glow from the windows complements the meal, creating an inviting environment that draws guests together.

Home Window Coverings For Bedrooms Ellicott City MD

In your bedroom, the importance of a restful environment cannot be overstated. Visualize your haven with window treatments that provide darkness when needed, ensuring a good night's sleep, or sheer elegance that lets morning light awaken you gently. Feel rested as our window solutions promise both style and function to support your personal time for repose.

Custom Fabric Window Coverings For Family Rooms in Ellicott City Maryland

Family rooms are dynamic areas where life unfolds in all its forms. Here, flexible window coverings adjust to accommodate playful afternoons and serene evenings in equal measure. You delight in the versatility, as our products make it easy to shift between open, light-filled spaces for play and cozier settings for movie nights.

At Exceptional Views, we understand that every room in your Ellicott City home serves its special purpose. We are here, working collaboratively with you, to ensure your window coverings not only meet the aesthetic and functional needs of each space but also contribute to a cohesive feel throughout your home. By choosing to partner with us, you become an integral part of a community that values creativity, empathy, and practical solutions—where your home transformation is our shared journey.

Types OF Window Coverings

Browse window treatment custom uses Ellicott City Maryland

At Exceptional Views, we understand that window coverings are not merely accessories; they are an essential component of your home's personality and functionality. As you explore the various rooms in your Hunt Valley residence, we invite you to discover the transformative power of our bespoke window treatments. We offer a suite of options designed to complement the architecture of your space and your lifestyle needs.


As you navigate the selection of window treatments for your home, understanding the types, benefits, and uses depending on your distinct needs becomes paramount. At Exceptional Views, we are committed to guiding you through an array of choices, ensuring each one empowers your living spaces with both functionality and finesse.

Motorization: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Imagine the ease with which your living environment adapts to your lifestyle, where the ambiance of your room changes with the simple touch of a button. Our cutting-edge motorization options bring this comfort to you. Motorized window coverings offer not just an impressive visual impact but also an unmatched convenience, allowing you to adjust natural light and privacy levels effortlessly—perfect for those hard-to-reach windows or just a touch of modern sophistication.

Energy Efficiency: Harmonizing Comfort with Cost-Effectiveness

The right window coverings can significantly enhance the energy efficiency of your home. Our products are designed to provide excellent insulation, keeping your spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. By optimizing the use of natural light and reducing the reliance on artificial heating and cooling, our energy-efficient options ensure that your comfort is sustained without compromising on your energy bills.

Light Enhancement & Room Darkening: Mastery Over Ambiance

Whether your goal is to bathe your room in gentle sunlight or to envelop it in soothing darkness, we have the solutions to fulfill your desires. Light-enhancing coverings can illuminate your space, instilling a sense of warmth and openness, while room darkening options grant you the ability to create a tranquil haven for sleep or a concentrated work environment, free from the distractions of excessive light.

Child Safety: Protecting What's Most Precious

Your peace of mind matters to us. That is why our range includes child-safe window coverings, designed to eliminate the risks associated with cords and chains. With a commitment to safety as much as to style, these solutions allow you to breathe easy, knowing that your little ones and pets are safeguarded against unnecessary hazards.

Door Coverings: Seamless Integration into Every Entryway

Doors are gateways to new spaces and experiences, and dressing them appropriately can enhance their functionality and aesthetic. We offer specialized coverings for sliding doors, French doors, and patio entrances, ensuring that they blend harmoniously with your interior design while providing the desired level of privacy and light control.

Sound Absorption: Crafting a Soundscape of Serenity

High-quality window coverings do more than meet the eye—they also cater to the ear. By choosing products with sound-absorbing qualities, you transform your rooms into sanctuaries of calm, minimizing the intrusion of external noise and creating an enveloping sense of quietude that enhances your overall well-being.

At Exceptional Views, we understand the power that the right window treatments hold in creating the perfect atmosphere for every moment. As you explore the myriad of options available, we invite you to envision the potential they have to redefine your space.

EMbrace the transformative power of custom window coverings

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As you marvel at the endless possibilities awaiting the windows of your beloved home in Ellicott City, remember that at Exceptional Views, we are passionate about more than just window coverings—we're about creating exquisite environments that embody the essence of your sanctuary. With Cheryl Millhausen at the helm, bringing her unparalleled expertise and an eye for design to each project, we ensure that your vision leads the way to a distinctly personal touch on every window.=

Exceptional Views offers you the luxury of free in-home design consultations, allowing us to understand your space, discuss your needs, and present custom window solutions that resonate with your taste and lifestyle. From measuring services to precise installation, our team handles every detail, ensuring a seamless experience resulting in the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

You are currently standing at the threshold of an opportunity to elevate the atmosphere of your Ellicott City home. Whether it is for your tranquil bedroom, your lively living room, or your culinary haven—the kitchen—our custom blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies promise to introduce a fresh spirit into every nook.

We proudly extend our services across Ellicott City, Columbia, Clarksville, and the greater Baltimore area, assuring you that an exceptional transformation of your home is within reach. We invite you to connect with us and explore a realm of luxurious, inspired, and unique window coverings that speak to your individuality.

Join the Exceptional Views family today by scheduling your complimentary design consultation. Together, let's create a narrative for each window—an ongoing story of elegance, creativity, and craftsmanship. Contact us now, and let us help turn your visions into stunning realities, one window at a time.