What Are the Best Window Treatments for Kitchens?

share meals, work, help kids with their homework, and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. When kitchens are inviting, they’re beloved gathering places. This is true whether your family loves to cook or order in.

If your kitchen has plenty of windows, you’re in for a treat. Natural light brightens a kitchen and makes it feel like the most important space in a home. However, the right window treatments can make your kitchen even more welcoming. From shades to blinds and shutters, there are plenty of options to enhance your kitchen’s decor while providing privacy and light control. Here are the window treatments for kitchens that we love the most:

Layered Roman Shades for a Soft Look

Fabric window treatments for kitchens are excellent, especially if aesthetic appeal matters to you. Why? They soften the light in the space and create an appealing, luminous look. Design StudioRoman Shades come in a range of beautiful textured fabrics and they’re highly durable. This makes this window treatment both a statement piece and a functional option. Layered roman shades control light and save energy while allowing the appropriate level of illumination to enter the room. However, they are also available in room-darkening styles. If you have an excessive amount of natural light in an open-plan kitchen and living room, this feature is ideal. It’s also a great benefit if you need added privacy.

Farmhouse Valances for a Homey Look

Chances are, you remember the valances in a grandparent or family member’s kitchen. These make kitchens look warm and homey while allowing for plenty of light. If you love retro or rustic country décor, this is the choice for you! Old-fashioned details like scalloped edges and tassels make this one of the most memorable window treatments for kitchens. They can also be paired with blinds for added privacy, energy efficiency and light control. More than anything, though, valances help make a house feel more like a home.

Classic Shutters for a Timeless Look

Shutters work in various spaces throughout the home, but they’re the perfect window treatments for kitchens. Like valances paired with blinds, they don’t require much maintenance. You can easily use them to control light in your kitchen as well. Moreover, shutters are a gorgeous addition to a room you spend lots of time in. Concerned about wood shutters and moisture levels in your kitchen? That’s understandable; most homeowners boil pasta or steam veggies occasionally, and ventilation can be a problem. However, there are several options on the market that address this. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Vinyl Shutters are resistant to moisture and mildew. This is beneficial whether you live by the beach or love to cook up spaghetti weekly!

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