Your Window Draft May Be Worse Than You Think. Here Are Our Tips!

November 29, 2022

In Window Treatments

The arrival of spring means that hot days and nights are just over the horizon. That means that any draft issues with your windows will soon be greatly magnified as heat creeps into your home without the right defenses in place. To keep your AC bills as low as possible and your home looking as beautiful as ever this spring and summer, here are a few tips to address your drafty windows for the hot days ahead. 

Start With Your Windows  

We’re window treatment experts at Exceptional Views, but it’s best to start with the windows themselves when it comes to addressing draft issues. Have you examined your windows to ensure that there are no cracks or holes? Small holes can lead to big drafts that make your home feel uncomfortably warm. Your windows should be caulked and sealed, and there should not be any deteriorated caulk, rotten wood, or cracked glass on the window. A professional can replace or repair the caulk or wood around your windows to ensure they are as energy efficient as possible, and then we can help with the rest! 

Choosing the Right Window Treatments 


One of the best ways to lock cool air inside of your home is with thermal, lined drapes. By hanging draperies close to the windows, allowing them to brush close to the floor, and even using heavier drapes that overlap slightly in the middle, you can completely block out any warm air that would otherwise cause your AC to work harder than necessary. 

All of our draperies and valances are custom made, so you can be sure that not only will they match your home’s décor and not overwhelm any preexisting window treatments, but they will also be made entirely to your specifications .Draperies are also available in all of the colors you can imagine, so it’s easy to coordinate them with your interior décor.

Cellular Shades 

Cellular shades are a phenomenal way to insulate your home, reduce noise and still let light in from the outside. These shades can be custom cut to match your windows and found in a number of colors and styles to suit your taste. Because they let in light, you can benefit from amazing draft and heat reduction without sacrificing the beautiful natural light they bring into your home.  

Window Treatments Baltimore Maryland

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